The Dunn Davis Stewart Group, Royal LePage

You were concerned with helping us present our business, questioning ideas we had for a new site and offered us better solutions.

Visual representation of what we offer for sale is critical for our business. Listings have to be displayed professionally, in a format that is easy for clients to use.

You are great to work with and very prompt and accommodating.
We would absolutely recommend you!

David Dunn

David teamed up with Carolyn Davis Stewart. They needed a professional, customized and easy to use listing system to set themselves apart in this competitive industry. Mission accomplished!

Future Design Builders Ltd., Shad Bay

I truly appreciate the patience and direction you provided during this process. You certainly helped create a web site that is easy to navigate and filled with pertinent information and pictures.

Our new web site is the perfect vehicle to portray our business to perspective clients. You were persistent without being intrusive and encouraged me to get the information to you so that you could make the process as easy as possible.

Karen & Barry Publicover

Karen knew the importance of showing visitors an up-to-date portfolio. Her old Website could not be maintained without help. She can now add new photos whenever she likes.

Kim Danio Studio

Tim is fantastic to work with. He has wonderful and creative ideas and an amazing attention to detail.

Because I am an artist and my work is always changing I require a lot of updates. Tim created a site that I can change on my own. The photo galleries give me an opportunity to highlight new work and keep my website fresh and up to date.

Kim Danio

Kim is an amazing up-and-coming illustrator who needed a way to show her portfolio to potential clients. She now has a Website she can maintain herself to ensure it is always current.

Himmelman & Associates Financial Advisors Inc., Halifax

The care and attention you put into understanding our needs and that of our clients was greatly appreciated. You were efficient and made it easy for us.

The layout is clean and professional and the ideas you provided were perfect given the nature of our business and the "Ease of Use" features. I would gladly refer you to anyone looking to have a professional website and work with someone who is responsive and caring of the end result.

Brian Himmelman, CFP

Brian knows his clients really well and gave me an extensive list of all his requirements. I added a few extra touches and he now has a Website that is easy to use and addresses important information.

Mark Stein, MC | The Voice of Running & Triathlon Events

I have known Tim for about fifteen years and he has helped my businesses with dynamic websites! He truly cares about what look you want to present and develops amazing results.

I would highly, without hesitation, recommend Tim and True In-Site Design for your web needs.

Mark Stein

Mark needed an online presence to support and promote his venture. He wanted to keep the Website simple, yet capture the essence of what he offers while highlighting client feedback.

Mader’s Roofing Ltd., Lower Sackville

Tim took a genuine interest in the operations of our company and took the time to accompany me to job sites to get a feel for the way we operate. He captured the essence of what we wanted to project to prospective customers about our company and our people. Tim was patient, cooperative and available, always showing how far we could take the web site, but designing within the boundaries of our needs and concerns.

We have been rewarded with work stemming from the requests for estimates from that site.

Larry Mader

Larry is not comfortable around computers and considers a Website as a 'Necessary Evil'. He wanted something basic and straight forward to be in-line with how he runs his business.

Dalhousie Research in Energy, DREAMS Program, Halifax

Tim is an excellent person to work with. He responds to questions in a timely manner (almost always within a couple of hours if contacting him via email, and even more quickly by phone), and he explains processes well. He is reliable and genuine. He cares about his work and his clients; he works to understand your needs and to help you to reach your goals.

Janet MacDonald, DREAMS Program Coordinator

Janet was put in charge of finding someone who could represent her department online. We addressed all her requirements and she can now update all content herself.

MacPhee’s Landscaping Services, Halifax / Truro

We love our website for its colours, its layout, and content. We especially love the fact that we can keep the photo galleries up to date and change them around as much as we like.

Our website tells prospective customers everything they need to know and more. They can find out who we are, what we do, and what makes us the best choice. Not only can they read about us, they can see samples of our work with just a click of the mouse!

Paul & Laura MacPhee

Paul is humble, prefers to work outside and is not comfortable talking about himself so I dealt with Laura. Together, we figured out what Paul needed to promote his landscaping business.

Meisner & Zwicker Construction Ltd., Lunenburg County

Our old web site was outdated and we didn’t know where to turn until Tim called. He has been a great listener and a breath of fresh air, loaded with a wealth of knowledge. After first getting to know our business he went to work. He was easy to work with, always giving new angles of thought. I am very proud to say we now have a new dynamic web site that will be easy to maintain and update.

Marshall A. Zwicker

Marshall was stuck with a dated, non-functional Website. He knew he needed help because it reflected badly on his business he worked so hard to build.

Plant Care, Burnside

You were able to capture the essence of my business by thoroughly researching what my company does and applying that information to the site. Your insightful suggestions on how to make the script and content interesting and compelling were invaluable.

Thank you for your hard work and commitment to excellence. I couldn't be happier.

Randy Rosen

Randy's old Website was not working properly so he was reluctant to show it to potential clients. His online plant gallery is now fixed and the design now reflects his business.

Your Concierge, Halifax

Tim patiently broke the process of developing our totally new website into small chunks that we could easily understand and gently guided us to the finished product – a great website we are proud to have our clients visit! He was able to get a clear vision of how broad, unique and creative our business was, the look and feel we were striving to portray on our website and had excellent fresh ideas as to how best market our service.

Tina & Ray Bowie

Tina and Ray bought Your Concierge. The original Website no longer reflected their approach and services offered. It is a very unique business and not easy to sum up but I like a challenge!

Nova Scotia Health Information Management Association

Tim took the time to look at our existing website and he listened as I explained what I didn’t like about it. He walked me through the steps of creating a new website and delivered a revised website that provided the professional image we were looking for along with functionality that allows us to edit the content, resulting in a website that is fresh and up-to-date.

Laura J. Monahan, Former CHIM Chairman,
Editorial Committee

NSHIMA had been using a Website that no longer reflected the organization. Laura was in charge of creating a new online identity and after extensive brainstorming we created what she needed.

Uniacke Insulators Limited, Mount Uniacke

During the process of coming up with the concept and design to reflect our business and what we believe to be important, Tim shared his knowledge, experience and designs to best reflect the end result. He was patient with our impatience and focused when we went astray.

We feel that Tim created a website that reflects our personalities and our business in the best possible light.

Mike & Joanne Zinck

This is Uniacke's first Website. Together, we figured out what sets Uniacke apart and what information potential clients were looking for. They now receive leads on a regular basis.

Hepatitis Outreach Society of Nova Scotia

Tim translated our needs, future needs and our new spirit into the most amazing website. Without appearing overly content heavy, we have a website which appeals to our members and more importantly, is being accessed by more people than prior to the re-design. He was easy to work with, kept in regular communication, and put a great deal of thought into the design. Tim was able to articulate a vision that worked very nicely with our mission.

Colin Green, Executive Director

Since the Website is their primary marketing tool, it was crucial to create a Site that conveys the proper message while making the visitor comfortable to explore such a sensitive topic.

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